The 12 biggest Ferrari Worlds will make you vibrate with new levels of speed

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Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is the first Best Ferrari-branded theme park in the world. The amusement park in the capital of the United Arab Emirates has 37 rides and attractions for all age groups. The variety of rides at Ferrari World makes it a family park.

Top 12 Rides in Ferrari World
Here are the top 12 races at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi for a full Ferrari fun. Take a look at your next vacation in Abu Dhabi!

1. Rossa Formula
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If you like speed, Formula Rossa is your thing! The fastest roller coaster in the world does not need sudden drops of extreme altitudes, nor turbulence that torment your stomach to scare you to the point of screaming. But do not take this one for an easy ride. This turn is about the speed of lightning. You move at a speed of 149 mph reached in just 5 seconds. The hydraulic launch system similar to those used in aircraft carriers ensures that this speed is unimaginable. The 2 km long track features challenging turns that make the race even more exciting.

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2. Fiorano GT Challenge
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Fiorano GT Challenge is a race that will test your reflexes several times. The journey concerns the two F430 spider-shaped cars moving along parallel tracks. The thrill rises when, at several points in the hike, these double roller coasters cross, giving cyclists the impression that they are about to collide. The carousel would have the impression to live a hunting scene of the series Fast and Furious.

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3. Scuderia Challenge
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Are you a fan of virtual racing games? If so, this part makes you exhilarating. Ferrari World Scuderia Challenge is an ultra-modern racing simulation game. Participate in a race at the speed of six men around a virtual circuit of Yas Marina. The 180-degree screens in front of you and a steering wheel in your hand that allows you to control your virtual training complete the atmosphere of a real race. The small pods, in which each player sits, also have hydraulic supports that react to everything that happens on the screen. It's like watching a 7D movie in a theater. Shoot the break and you'll feel inertia, hit something and be ready to feel the bump, step on the accelerator pedal and feel the speed, take the fast turns and swing from one side to the other. 'other. Interesting, is not it!

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4. Speed of Magic
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Just when you feel proud to understand that all racing in Ferrari World is about speed and speed, the speed of magic is a surprise. Initially, the ride resembles any other roller coaster and in fact that of "level children". But in a few seconds, it turns out to be different from what you thought. You almost follow an animated character, flying at high speed in different exotic places. The effects of the ups and downs of the flight are impressive and exciting.

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5. G-Force
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Have you ever tried bungee jumping? No, it's not the same except for the part where you suddenly fell from an incredible height. The G-Force ride is not for weak hearts, as this space ride will take you 62 meters above the ground and drop you straight. Falling at a speed of 12 meters per second, you will even make the last wish of your life, to no avail! One of the most devilish assets for a safe landing will make you scream with joy, like a kid.

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6. Bell 'Italia
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Bell'Italia is a walk for children to discover the architectural wonders of Italy. The walk takes you around emblematic Italian monuments, the coastline and the famous race tracks, including the famous leaning tower of Pisa. This mini-Italy tour takes place on a small Ferrari 250 California circa 1958. This visual tour is a feast for the eyes as you explore the beauty of the "cheese nation" in one place.

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7. V12
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If you are curious to know how to do it, they’ll make the V12 a vehicle that will keep you occupied. The The boat ride is actually "a trip to the heart of the Ferrari 599 12-cylinder engine". The tour gives the impression of living a scene of 'Honey, I Shrunk The Kids' in which you have transformed into a size small enough to enter a Ferrari engine. The journey also includes small drops as a bonus.

8. As Flying
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It's not just love that can upset your world, but Flying Aces can do it for you too. This tour is inspired by the legendary aviator "As of aces", Count Baracca. The 63-meter path has an incredible 51 degree slope. Imagine the adrenaline rush at a speed of 120 km / h on the world's highest roller coaster loop.

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9. Twist Tire
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Tire Twist is a cup and saucer ride with a Ferrari twist. The seats are in giant F1-inspired tires that spin, collide, spin and slide in the other riders. The pleasure is when you try to predict the direction of movement in order to adjust your mind and body accordingly, but you fail. The sudden and unpredictable towers evoke tickling in the belly.

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10. A Real Ferrari
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Yes, you heard me! It's your chance to drive a real Ferrari. If you are 21 years of age or older and have a permit issued by the UAE government, you can drive a real Ferrari with an expert. And if you do not have a license, you can still go there as a passenger. It's like a dream come true, is not it?

11. Viaggio in Italia
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I was the only one during the show. It's an excellent 3D experience where I feel like I'm in a classic Italian road rally - only I've seen it from above. As a traveler at heart, this is my favorite attraction where I was transported to the heart of Italy and the countryside, all in four seasons. There is no doubt that you will love this and that you will leave the city without having to go to Italy because you have seen everything.

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12. Karting Academy
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The queue will be long and processing via an electronic record may take a long time. When you have finished your registration, you must return at the scheduled time, otherwise you will start the whole process again. Here is your chance to drive a Ferrari kart like in a live F1 race. Do not worry about your karting skills. All levels are welcome. Believe me, I learned it quickly, even without prior experience. Good luck!

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