10 Tourist Attractions to visit in Thailand in 2019, you may have previously ignored

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Statutory disclaimer: We present a list of tourist places in Thailand. Do not stay in Bangkok and discover the varied colors of the country of the smile. Explore beyond its capital, this land of smiles emits flavors such as culture and history, full moon parties, exotic beaches, attractive floating markets, and more. Unthinkably sumptuous, but largely wild, there are many things in Thailand!

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Thailand
Here is a list of the best tourist attractions in Thailand that you will explore in the future. Scroll down the list to find out what you are looking for in this charming country.

1. Beaches
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Among the many popular tourist spots in Thailand, the country's beaches are at the top of the list. Bypassing the sea at Ko Ko Thipe, dancing around the soft shadows of Kao Tao and Ko Pha - Nigam, discover the gypsy life of Tran           g fishermen, gaze at the sun reflected on the white sand of Hua Hin.
Best time to visit: November and April
Ideal for: sunbathing, coral gardens, snorkeling

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2. Floating Markets
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Floating markets are Thailand's main tourist attractions. The Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is one of the most famous places in the world. Some of the other famous markets are the Taling Chan Floating Market, Tha Kha Floating Market, Amphawa Floating Market and Ayutthaya Klong Sa Bua Floating Market.
Best time to visit: all year
Great for: Memories, trinkets and groceries

3. Full moon party
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We have a full moon night at Koh Phangan and we felt like the most beautiful full moon. And to pay tribute to him, they are organizing a full moon party along Haad Rin Beach. Now, people from all over the world come to party here. Half Moon, Black Moon and Shiva Moon. This is one of the most popular places in Thailand for singles!
Best time to visit: end of November until end of January
Best for: Nightlife and Drinks

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4. Ayutthaya
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Stroll through the Thai capital for 417 years and you will have the atmosphere of an open air museum. Every corner of Ayutthaya speaks of centuries-old structures, the ruins of the second capital of Siam, and marvels of art and architecture. This is one of the best places to see in Thailand to learn about the glorious past of the country. This place is ideal for those who are in the history of this country. This place is part of World Heritage and is protected by UNESCO. Most things built here are the remains. All that remains and is seen by people is recalled by UNESCO. Most of the idols we see in Buddha, but they are not in good condition at all. Some do not have their heads and others do not have other parts of the idol. These amazing and beautiful art forms.
Best time to visit: November to February
Ideal for: temples

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5. Mu Ko Chang National Park
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Immerse yourself in this jewel of 50 islands. Spend your mornings in nature and mark the evenings of thriving parties. Enjoy doing nothing on the white sand beaches, then break the pace of the day with snorkeling and scuba diving. Whether you're near the fantastic waterfalls, fishing, diving or kayaking, do something new every day. So, while wondering what to do in this picturesque place, try exploring one of the best places to visit in Thailand!
Best time to visit: December to March
Ideal for: wildlife and sight

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6. Chiang Mai Night Bazaar
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The star shining in the Thai night sky is the night bazaar of Chiang Mai. It crosses several blocks including trails, buildings and temples. Collect handicrafts, art objects, clothes, souvenirs from here. This market was the gateway for Yumnanese trade caravans along their old trade route between Siama and Mawlamyaing. So while traveling, explore one of the best places to shop in Thailand with friends. In addition to the nightlife, there are many other things to offer tourists who come to visit this place. One of those things is the great food he has. If you are a true gourmet and you like to try new dishes, you will love this place. In addition to the continental food, this place offers you a truly impressive Thai cuisine that is worth trying. It has been said that once you eat the local cuisine that restaurants offer, you will become a fan. Not just food, this place has become the hub for vagrants.
Best time to visit: all year from 18h to midnight
Ideal for: Shopping

7. Koh Tao
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The smallest island in Thailand, Koh Tao is one of the best places to visit in Thailand. It owes its name to the many sea turtles that inhabit its shores. Tranquility in the Gulf of Thailand, this island is famous for its relaxed nature. It has various dive sites off its coast. Dance with sharks and toast to Thailand on its white sand beaches. Ko Tao is also called Turtle Island and is considered one of those unmissable places in Thailand. This place is perfect for the person who loves scuba diving. You can not dive for fun and with the help of an instructor, but you can also learn it by doing a diving course at a very reasonable price and with the help of a very good and admirable instructor. The best part of learning to dive is that you do not have to go to the pool and you can learn it at sea only. It may seem a bit difficult and indifferent, but it's actually very easy and you will appreciate more here than the pool. If you are a water sports enthusiast, you can go trekking, because there are also good trekking sites. Even if you do not like trekking and hiking, you can visit the different beaches of the island and relax. So, together, we can say that this island has at least something for all people of different tastes and it is this thing that makes it the place to visit whenever they come to Thailand.

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8. Erawan National Park
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The Erawan Falls owes its name to the three white elephant heads of Hindu mythology - Erawan. Stroll around this impressive seven-level waterfall and spot the macaques and lizards watching over the water. While exploring this park, stop at Tham Phra Cave. And if geology is your area of ​​interest, analyze the visible fault lines of the cave. If Nakharin is another place. It is among the most beautiful sights of Thailand.
Best time to visit: November to January
Ideal for: wildlife

9. Temples
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Thailand's magnificent tourist attractions can immerse you in Thai culture par excellence. Pay homage to its glorious Temples - visit the cradle of traditional Thai medicine and healing - Wat Pho. It is also home to the famous reclining Buddha. Let yourself be enchanted by the three-meter high Buddha gold statue weighing 5.5 tons at Wat Tramit. Also, look for blessings at Wat Benchamabophit. If you are looking for a sacred site on this beautiful land, this is one of the most peaceful places to visit in Thailand!
Best time to visit: March to August
Best for: Architecture

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10. Island Hopping
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Browse Thailand and discover what makes it truly enchanting. Relax on the deck of the yacht, order delicious Thai cuisine for lunch and in the evening, browse the secret places. The tour takes you through Phuket / Phang Nga Bay, Phang Nga Bay, Phang Nga / Railay Bay, Railay Beach / Ko Phi Phi, Ko Phi Phi / Ko Yao Yai, Ko Yao Yai Bay / Phang Nga and Ko Phi Phi / Phuket. .
Best time to visit: November to April
Ideal for: Beaches, marine life, snorkeling

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