Top 7 Attractions in and around Burj Khalifa

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Dubai, center of business, culture and entertainment of the Middle East, has many attractions that will entertain children and adults. People planning to travel to Dubai should include these attractions in their itinerary to fully enjoy the city.

 1. Burj Khalifa Park
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Designed by the greatest architects of the SWA group, Burj Khalifa Park is inspired by Hymenocallis, the desert flower. The park has six water points, palm-lined avenues, gardens and flowering trees. The Burj Khalifa Washroom is located in the center of the park and at the base and includes a series of pools and fountains with water jets. All the balustrades, benches and signs represent images of Burj Khalifa and Hymenocallis flowers.
The plants and shrubs in the park are watered by a condensation recovery system that buildings use from the cooling system. The warm, moist outside air, when combined with the cooling requirements of the tower, causes considerable condensation of the air humidity. the equivalent of 20 Olympic-sized pools. The park also has two tennis courts, a paddling pool and a children's playground.

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2. Dubai Mall
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The Dubai Mall is the largest shopping center in the world in terms of total area and the fifth in terms of gross leasable area. It is part of the Burj Khalifa complex, which has 1,200 shops. The mall is accessible via Doha Street, which is rebuilt en route to double floor.
Shopping center attractions include the largest souk in the world with more than 220 retailers, Fashion Catwalk atrium, Fashion Island (Avenue), Galeries Lafayette Department Stores, Oasis Fountain Waterfall, Waterfront atrium , the 22-screen SEGA, SEGA Republic, KidZania, 22-screen Cineplex Amusement Park, Dubai's largest, is an indoor and outdoor street landscape with retractable roof, gold and jewelry stores, a supermarket, a supermarket bio, and more. The shopping center also includes a luxury hotel with 250 rooms, 120 restaurants and cafes, 22 movie screens and more than 14,000 valet parking spaces and car tracking system.
The mall also won several awards, including the Retail Future Project Award, Best Retail Development Plan Award, Best Use of Lighting in a Retail Environment, Best Art Direction / Graphic Design , the Silver award for best color process, etc.

3. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo
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Strategically located in the center of the Dubai Mall, the aquarium and shopping mall's Discovery Center is one of the largest indoor aquariums of its kind. Operated by Oceanis Australia Group, it has even officially entered the Guinness world record for the largest acrylic panel in the world (32.88 m long and 8.3 m high), its acrylic display panel being larger than the Japanese aquarium of Okinawa Churaumi.
Through the 270-degree glass tunnel, visitors can see one of the most diverse collections of aquatic life in the world. The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo illuminates the wonders of the ocean floor and showcases more than 33,400 aquatic animals, representing more than 220 species, including sharks and stingrays.

4. Dubai ice rink
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Dubai's Olympic sized ice rink, a multipurpose mall venue, uses refrigeration technology and can accommodate at least 2,000 guests. It has more than 1800 pairs of skates imported by leading Italian manufacturers for adults and children of all ages and sizes. The Dubai ice rink ensures that the ice cover remains homogeneous at all times.
The rink in Dubai offers disco sessions, public skating sessions, skate learning packages, birthday party packages and exclusive rental of venues for professional events. Also home to a giant 20m x 10m LED screen, an on-site café and the Skate Shop for all skating accessories, the Dubai Skating Rink is a favorite spot for everyone.

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5. SEGA Republic
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The Republic of SEGA is the first indoor theme park in the region, located in the Dubai Mall. Covering an area of ​​200,000 m², the park offers major attractions such as sonic hopper, spin equipment, free fall experience, roller coaster, 150 or more entertainment games spread over five thematic zones, namely the zones. Adventure, Speed, Sports and Redemption, and Cyberpop Zone. There are simulated sports games with movements, classic carnival games and award-winning redemption games, all offering entertainment and excitement to all.
Developed by Emaar Retail, in association with SEGA Corporation, a company based in Japan, SEGA Republic offers visitors an exciting and unforgettable experience. Located at Level 2 (Floor 2), between Reel Cinemas and KidZania, SEGA Republic is open from 10am to 1am every day.

6. KidZania
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KidZania is an award-winning "educational" concept that offers children the ultimate role-playing game. Kids ages 4 to 15 can enjoy the world of their dreams in this 80,000 square foot mini-town with real streets, shops and buildings, where they have the opportunity to realize their dream of choosing from over 70 professions , including a race car driver. pilot, policeman, firefighter, surgeon, etc. It's a life-size replica of a real city.
KidZania is a Mexican theme park concept, introduced for the first time in Mexico City in 1999. In Dubai, KidZania is located on level 2, next to SEGA Republic, in the Dubai Mall. It is open from Sunday to Wednesday from 9am to 10pm, from 9am to midnight on Thursdays and from 10am to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. Parking is available in the P2 building and on the Reel Dubai Cinema parking lot.

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7. Reel Cinemas
With more than 22 screens, Reel Cinemas at the Dubai Mall is one of Dubai's largest cineplexes. It presents a range of films ranging from the latest international blockbusters to 3D digital titles and acclaimed house art films.
As one of the largest THX-certified Cineplex’s in the UAE, visitors can choose from a wide range of blockbuster movies and discover the new dimension of movie entertainment in the critically acclaimed 3D art film criticism at The Picture house - the first art home theater in the area. Reel Cinemas at the Dubai Mall also offers Platinum Movie Suites, where visitors can afford luxury reclining seats.
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